a podcast about making art, and making a living

For the third episode of Day Jobs I’m talking with Christopher Gonzalez, a fiction writer and literary journal editor who also works full-time in digital production for a big New York City publisher.

We talk about why he chose production work over editorial, what his family thinks about his creative pursuits, and how growing up in a house where money was often tight helped shape his relationship to work.

For the second episode of Day Jobs I’m talking with Bud Smith, a writer and artist who works a heavy construction job in northern New Jersey. We talk about writing on your phone at work, pushing books on your coworkers, what it’s like to grow up on the Jersey shore, and why no job is “brainless.” Also, why Bud’s girlfriend broke up with him after he wrote his first book.

For the inaugural episode of Day Jobs, I talk with poet Gina Myers (Hold It Down, A Model Year) about balancing her creative work with a 9-to-5 job in university communications. We also talk about her former jobs, including temporary factory work and adjunct teaching, and how the need for surgery forced her to find a more traditional career with healthcare benefits. Plus: the high costs of poetry book contests, why she initially balked at college, and why her current coworkers think she's an enigma.