In 2012 I convinced my friend and fellow writer Tom McAllister to give podcasting a try. I'd begun listening to a lot of podcasts on my walks around town—comedy podcasts, mostly—but I couldn't seem to find a show about books and writing that veered away from the NPR or New Yorker models. Not that there's anything wrong with those models, but I wanted something a little looser, a little funnier, a little more honest. What I wanted, it occurred to me after a while, was conversation, like the ones my writer-friends and I had at bars, and parties (this was also when I realized that my life had changed a lot since my 20s, because my conversations at bars and parties had become dominated by books).

Eventually I remembered that old chestnut about how if you can't find the thing you're looking for—whether it's a story, a book, or a show—you should go make it yourself. After explaining to Tom what a podcast was, and giving him a few shows to listen to, I managed to get him onboard, and we've been recording weekly episodes ever since.

Book Fight! is a weekly chat between writers, centered (in alternating weeks) around either a book or a short piece of fiction or nonfiction. The AV Club, in a 2014 review, called us an “an enjoyable chat with two dudes who get passionate about the craft, call out authors on their bullshit, shout-out great lit when they read it, and consume a lot of pop culture.” We like to think that we take books and writing seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. 

If that sounds like something you might be into, you can give us a listen using the player above, or check out our website, where you can learn more about the show and listen to every episode we've ever recorded, absolutely free.

You can also find us in the iTunes store, or through just about any of the available podcast apps, like Instacast, Downcast, or Stitcher